Thanksgiving Keeps Medics Busy in Calvert
By Chief of CALS Chris Shannon
November 26, 2018

Calvert County kept the volunteer Medics busy over the holiday weekend with several different types of calls. Medics ran the usual trouble breathing and chest pain as well as some more interesting "subject fallen off of a cliff" and a patient with a severe laceration from a router. Several medics pitched in to help cover the schedule throughout the holiday weekend so no one medic had to cover the entire weekend. A special thank you to the following PMIC's that ran hours over the holidays and took time away from your families.

PMIC A. Joslyn
PMIC R. Schapiro
PMIC J. Seigel
PMIC S. Millette
PMIC E. Rosenwald
PMIC M. Krentsa
Capt J. Hiepler